How do I subdivide my property?
Subdividing property includes:
- Dividing an existing parcel into multiple parcels; or,
- Otherwise change the area and shape of a parcel by adjusting its lot lines.

There are several ways to subdivide a property depending upon the type of land use (residential, or commercial and industrial) and the total number of lots desired. Typically, for residential lots, subdividing four or less lots requires approval of a “Tentative Parcel Map” application. Subdividing four or more lots requires approval of a “Tentative Tract Map” application. The requirements for commercial and industrial zoned lots are slightly different, although the process is the same. Both maps require approval of the Planning Commission at a public hearing.

These applications are necessary to ensure that the public infrastructure (sidewalks, streets, intersections, public landscaping) is installed properly and can support the proposed development work.

FMC Chapter’s 26 (Subdivisions) and 30 (Zoning and Development) govern the subdivision of property in the City of Fontana.

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