Hire A Police Officer For A Special Event

From time to time, private entities within the city request the services of Fontana Police Department personnel at special events. To effectively manage special event requests without compromising trusted police services to our community, specific guidelines have been outlined.


The following criteria shall be met by any entity requesting to hire Fontana Police Department personnel:

  1. A request to hire a police officer(s) for a private event must be submitted to the Scheduling Sergeant Unit at least 30 days before the date of the event.
  2. The request shall include the date/time of event, type of event, number of anticipated attendees, location and number of officers requested.
  3. The request shall also include a thorough description of what the officer(s) is expected to do.
  4. The event shall be a minimum of four hours.
  5. In the event five or more officers are required, the fifth officer will be a supervisor.
  6. To ensure officers have sufficient support, the Chief of Police or his designee will review each request to determine the number of officers/supervisors needed. If the Chief of Police or his designee determine staffing is inadequate for the proposed event and the requesting person is unwilling to comply with the staffing suggested by the Department, the Police Department will deny the request.
  7. A 50% deposit invoice shall be provided for the event and equipment upon which payment shall be made to the Fontana Police Department no later than 15 days prior to the event.  A final invoice shall be provided within 10 days of event based on actual staff classifications and equipment at the event. Final payment is due and payable upon receipt.
  8. The Chief of Police reserves the right to deny any request.

Current Billing Rates as of January 1, 2021

Staff Rates

The hourly billing rate includes the sworn staff overtime hourly rate, FICA, and department and city overhead costs. The billing rates are subject to change.

Officer hourly rate:       $94.98
Corporal hourly rate: $104.79
Sergeant hourly rate:   $126.54

Equipment Rates

FEMA Equipment Rates                                         Unit                              Rate      
Patrol Vehicle Driving Mile $0.55
Patrol Vehicle Stationary w/engine running Hour $16.05
Police Motorcycle Driving Mile $0.51

For more information, email the Scheduling Sergeant.
For billing inquiries, email Justice Montgomery or call at (909) 356-7159.