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Business License Information

The Fontana Municipal Code requires all businesses operating (not necessarily located) within the City to be properly licensed as well as in accordance with the standards for Planning (zoning), Building and Safety, and Public Health.

Important Information: 

-Business licenses tied to a home address are not accepted online.

-ATTN: Contractors pulling permits, before applying for a business license, please contact Planning at (909) 350-6718 to verify if the job site is within the City limits versus the unincorporated area of Fontana regulated by the County, not the City.


The following fees/taxes must be paid at the time the application is submitted:

  • Initial Application Fee $35 ($15 renewal fee annually thereafter)
  • Annual Business Tax (based on estimated annual gross receipts, with some exceptions)

The above fees apply to the majority of business types located in Fontana. However, there are certain types of businesses (i.e., used car dealers, restaurants, liquor stores) that require supplementary permits and the submission of additional documents, information and/or applications.

Application and Approval Process

  1. All completed Business License / Tax Certificate applications are submitted to the Business Services Division along with the appropriate fees and/or taxes. Click here to apply for a Business License.
  2. Upon review, the application is forwarded to the following departments for review:
    • Planning Department for zoning compliance
    • Building and Safety Division or an on-site inspection of the building and determination of conformance with the building regulations of the City
    • Public Health
    • Police Department (only applicable for certain types of business)
  3. If further action is required by any of the above departments, you will need to immediately respond to any and all such matters identified by the above-named departments.
  4. Upon receipt of the Building Division approval, the application is then forwarded to the Business License Division for final processing.

The process outlined above applies to most businesses physically located in the City. There are, however, certain types of businesses that may require additional inspections and/or investigation.

Depending upon the type of business that is to be conducted and assuming complete compliance with all codes, the entire business license approval process should be completed within two to three weeks.

Renew a Business License Online

NEW!!!! To renew a Business License, Pay or Search a Business, please click here. (Must have renewal notice to renew for access or create an account profile).

Important Information:   Business licenses tied to a home address are not accepted online.

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If there are any questions regarding this process, please email or call (909) 350-7675.