Insurance Program

The City of Fontana self-insures many of its excess exposures (general liability, property, workers compensation, etc.) to an upper limit (the self-insured retention or SIR).

  1. Certificates of Insurance
  2. Insurance Requirements
  3. Certificate of Self-Insurance
  4. Special Events Insurance

The City of Fontana agreements and contracts with vendors, contractors, and consultants typically require parties with whom the University is doing business to provide evidence to the University, in the form of a certificate of insurance (COI), that they carry certain types of insurance at certain limits. The City collects certificates from the organizations and individuals with whom it does business. See below for helpful forms and links for more information about COI's.

What is an Additional Insured?

The City requires that it be named as an "additional insured" on the certificates of insurance it obtains from its business partners. As an additional insured the City has coverage under the business partner's insurance policy for claims and suits alleging that a loss or liability was caused by the business partner. The additional insured coverage provides that the City will have legal representation for a claim or lawsuit in which the City is named, but is not negligent. Without this coverage, the City would have to provide its own defense. This is important as it is not unusual for litigation defense costs to exceed the cost of settlements and judgments.

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