Before Your Practice Drill


There are some other items to consider before you actually practice your drills:

  • Make sure your windows are easy to open and are large enough for a person to get through. If you have obstacles in front of your window, you should remove them. If the windows are painted shut or have security bars, you should make arrangements to get them working. Educate children to open the windows, not to break them (this will only lead to further injury).
  • Know what you need to exit from a second story or higher, such as escape ladders (which can usually be purchased at any home improvement store)
  • Make sure that each family member knows their responsibilities with a back-up plan. This is especially critical for families that have infants or elderly family members living with them.
  • Make sure to test your smoke alarms regularly so all family members know what they sound like. When practicing your drills, press the test button on the smoke alarm and see how everyone reacts.
  • Make sure you keep your exit routes clear of obstacles (toys, tripping hazards, etc.)

Once you have your plan, it is time to practice it. For more information, please view Practice Drills.