Coyote Canyon Specific Plan

Project Location

The project site is located in the City of Fontana adjacent to the Hunter’s Ridge Specific Plan on the west and the Interstate 15 freeway on the east. The development area is from the Interstate 15 freeway northward to the south side of the Southern California Edison property (SCE) that runs along the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. Coyote Canyon Specific Plan is located north of the Cherry Avenue extension, Coyote Canyon Road, and the project lies between Hunter’s Ridge on the west and Roadrunner Road on the east.

Project Description

Coyote Canyon consists of a detached single-family residential community on 283 acres. This project has an overall gross density of 2.3 dwellings units per acre (2.3 du/ac). Lot sizes are:

  • 7,200 square feet
  • 8,500 square feet
  • 10,000 square feet

A total of 56.6 acres of open space is proposed. An active park/community facilities area is proposed along the south side of Coyote Canyon Road east of Duncan Canyon Road in Planning Area 5. A passive park riparian woodlands open space area with walking trails will be extended from north of the Cherry Avenue extension/Coyote Canyon Road and providing access to the front-line trail, regional trails system, and the Hunter’s Ridge Wilderness Park. Flood control facilities which make up additional open space area on site.

Listed below is the link to the PDF version of the specific plan. Due to the size of the document, please be patient as it uploads.

Coyote Canyon Specific Plan Document (PDF)

For More Information

Please feel free to contact the Planning Department at (909) 350-6718 or via email with any questions you have about this specific plan.