Sign Programs

Fontana Sign Programs:

Sign programs provide the guidelines necessary to achieve a visually coordinated, balanced and appealing sign environment that is harmonious with the architecture of the buildings, while maintaining provisions for individual graphic expression.

Fontana Sign Programs Map (PDF)

2 Empire Center/Palm Court (PDF)
3 Falcon Ridge Town Center (PDF)
4 Fontana Promenade - This sign program is not available
5 Fontana Gateway (PDF)
6 Goodman Business Park (PDF)
7 Heritage Business Park (PDF)
8 Heritage Crossings (PDF)
9 Heritage Village Shopping Center (PDF)
10 Sierra Lakes Marketplace (PDF)
11 Sierra Lakes Professional Park (PDF)
12 Sierra Lakes Village (PDF)
13 Sierra Lakes West (PDF)
14 Summit Heights Gateway (PDF)
15 Southwest Industrial Park – SWIP (PDF)
16 Walnut Village Plaza (PDF)
17 West End BP 1, 2, 3 (PDF)
18 Winco Food Shopping Center (PDF)
19 Goodman – 11188 Citrus Avenue (PDF)

For more information please call the Planning Department at (909) 350-6718 or email